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Over 20 years of experience providing healthcare services

S.P. Trading House (SPTH) is a trusted name to Bangladesh's healthcare professionals. Since 2004, SPTH has been working to contribute to Bangladesh's health sector, ensuring quality medical devices and implants for the healthcare professionals of Bangladesh. It not only sells and markets quality medical devices but also trains the healthcare professional to be efficient in medical interventions.

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SP Trading House is receptive to new things and convinced that trust-based working relationships can grow. We also are part of a culture that promotes openness, transparency, entrepreneurship, and a good relationship with users.


Actions of SPTH are clear and consistent. We always try our best to provide products and equipment on delivery time. We can rely on each other to pursue the long-term interest of our company.


SPTH is proud of the company's achievements and being part of a team that provides quality products with many benefits. We want a positive and motivating environment. Respect SPTH respectfully deals with each other and promotes diversity of opinion, yet accepts decisions fand backs them.

Sp Trading House

A renowned distributor of Ophthalmic, Neuro, Spine, ENT & Orthopedic equipment, ICU Bed and implants of reputed Multinational Companies

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